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[05 03 07 ]
I am no longer here. I have moved over to static_cycle and my graphics/icons have moved to cycle_icons.
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INFATUATION [04 03 07 ]
[MOOD| loved]

Is it love when the simplest moments make your heart flutter inside, make you want to sit quietly in that particular moment for as long as you can hold on? Lately, I haven't been wanted to be touched by anyone, not even my boyfriend, but other times, I crave for him to hold me in my arms. His kisses are a still hold on time. Even when he lets go, time still doesn't want to seem to catch up. I thought about how we would be when we grew older while we were sitting in the restaurant. I may pay only attention to his cute gestures and amber eyes with my own, but I listen intently with my ears. Next Wednesday is his birthday, and I'm ready to make it worth while. ♥
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27 ICONS [01 03 07 ]
29 I Heart (Office Characters & Ships)


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Comment if you are taking any.
Do not hotlink. Save to your own server.
Do not manipulate these. Ask if you have a request.
Credit lipstickonpaper if you use any.
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LOST PWNS [28 02 07 ]
7 Reasons why I'm happy at the moment:

1) Lost is on, and it's actually a good episode.
2) It's getting snowy in the tri-cities, and I hope it leads to a snow day tomorrow!
3) I've successfully created a new layout that I am actually satisfied 100% with.
4) My cat can successfully sit her big butt on the window sill now and look out of the window. She's so cute. I love her.
5) Today is my one year and four month anniversary with my boyfriend. ♥
6) My boyfriend's 17th birthday is in exactly one week.
7) I'm no longer sick!

[26 02 07 ]
I don't like being sick. I've been sick all weekend and I came home from school feeling sick. My throat hurts and I can't stop coughing. At least the runny/stuffy nose has mainly stopped.

I went to school...and I felt like I didn't belong. People felt different. It was weird. I think I am a loner, now. I have no friends. The end. Goodbye.

No, I'm not leaving, but I seriously feel like I have no friends anymore. Oh, well. I guess that's just reality for ya.

I'm starting a new book called 'The Plague of Esperale'. Hopefully, it will be good. I'm still working on 'Lilith's Children'.

Um, yeah.

R.I.P. Good Mood

Also, I suggest reading "Skylight Confessions" by Alice Hoffman, her most recent book. It's excellente! :)
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